The Elven Comedienne


introducing the first jana + traxy adventure

The Elven Comedienne is the beginning of a new humorous fantasy series from James A. Whitney.

The story is told from the point of view of Jana Ashworth, a human private investigator and sorceress from Boston, Massachusetts. She inhabits a world very similar to our own, except her world contains a bit of magic and a lot of elves, dwarves, and orcs. Her work typically involves chasing the husbands of rich women and documenting their misdeeds, whether it be tacky real estate investments, bending the rules at golf, or perhaps indiscretions with a pool boy.

The adventure truly starts when Jana is asked to investigate the disappearance of an elven comedienne. She learns that this was far from an ordinary crime—she stumbles across a plot to summon, bind, and enslave the Elven Goddess of Love.

Traxy Ysiel'thar is an elven comedienne from Yosemite, California, looking for a break in a comedy club amongst the colleges of Boston. She finds herself pulled into this plot—the centerpiece of a ritual that would transform her into the Elven Goddess of Love. It might have worked, but for a typographical error that binds the spirit of the Elven Goddess of Tricks and Games to her instead. Luckily for Traxy, Jana rescues her from the ritual before she can become enslaved to the dark warlock behind the plot.

The two pair up to investigate the plot and stop what could prove to be a theological catastrophe for the Elven religion: the enslavement of one of its major goddesses to serve an evil human.

The Elven Comedienne is a humorous fantasy story with several suggestive elements. It is a natural next step for people who enjoyed The Dragon Kaseraak Series.