The Dragon Kaseraak Series

The Dragon Kaseraak Series is an epic fantasy series, intended for audiences ages twelve and higher. It generally tells of the adventures of the fire mage Jana Aliston and her apprentice Jamie Wheaton. The two set forth in the Kingdom of Westvalia, intent to correct the wrongs inflicted by the tyrant king Tybilt.


The Dragon Kaseraak

The Dragon Kaseraak is the first book in the series. It begins with Jana Aliston on the run from soldiers of the Kingdom of Westvalia, who have been ordered to capture her so that she can stand trial for her use of banned magic and for her role in the assassination of King Escalis.

The fight leads them to a farmhouse in the small village of Babbling Brook. Young Jamie Wheaton hides under a barrel as the guards first question and then kill her parents, suspecting them of harboring Jana as a fugitive. Shortly afterward, Jana shows up, kills the guards and incidentally destroys the house with her fire spells. She meets Jamie and after a day’s walk, she begins to teach her how to control magic.

The pair meet up with Jana’s sister Anna Aliston. Anna has learned that the kingdom has discovered the location of The Dragon Kaseraak, who is rumored to hold The Pendant of Solanche among his treasure. The pendant protects its wearer from all forms of physical harm, and Jana is keen on acquiring it. The book tells the story of the race between Jana and the kingdom to find Kaseraak and retrieve the pendant.


Runaway Necromancer

Runaway Necromancer is the second book in the series. Jana has joined a group of revolutionaries seeking independence for Hockessin, the largest city in the Eastern Lands. Shortly after the battle for independence has begun, they find an unlikely and perhaps unwanted ally: the feared necromancer Sycosina Soulbane.

Jana and her companions discover that Sycosina has completely destroyed a Westvalian guardpost, opening the routes for trade into Hockessin but offering a brutal image of what the conflict could become. The problem is compounded by an offer from Westvalia that tempts Jana's companions to abandon Jana's desire for freedom for mages in exchange for a promise of economic liberty.


Dying Cry of the Ursidae

Dying Cry of the Ursidae is the third book in the series. Jana and Jamie attempt to spread revolution to towns and cities beyond the Eastern Lands, starting this time with the logging town of Bracken. While attempting to rally support for their cause, Jana and Jamie uncover a plot to poison the bears north of Bracken. Jamie insists that the pair investigate.

Their investigation leads them to the city of Westvalia proper and beyond. What they uncover challenges even Jana's devotion to her cause.


The Taconite Problem

The Taconite Problem is the fourth book in the series. Jana has been asked to investigate the sabotage of mining operations in the far nothern camp of Jimburgh. What she uncovers is a millennia old problem that pushes humanity to the brink of war with dragonkind.

While the plot of sabotage unfolds, Jana must deal with other problems: a mysterious creature of magic warning her to stay away, the growing demands of her apprentice Jamie, and that Sycosina Soulbane might cause everything to come crashing apart if she can't find a solution to her problems.


Return of the Flutterbee

Return of the Flutterbee is the fifth book in the series. The ancient dragons Ceredos and Kaseraak have asked Jana to retrieve a flutterbee hive from the mysterious and magical Cuttyhunk Isles. The flutterbee hive holds the key for the survival of dragonkind and magic in general.

The Cuttyhunk Isles have never been seen by humanity. On the islands awaits a danger unlike any Jana has faced before. It is a land where even dragons fear to tread.


The Last Embers

The Last Embers is the final book in the series. The ancient dragon Ceredos has been driven mad. The spirits of eight dozen fallen dragon ancestors have filled his body and now seek to exact vengeance on humanity and more.

The defense of the land once again falls to Jana and Jamie, but the two aren't talking to each other and Jana gave up on being a mage four years ago. She will need to find her form in a hurry in what will be the ultimate confrontation between dragonkind and humanity.


The Dragon Kaseraak Trilogy

The Dragon Kaseraak Trilogy includes the first three books in the series: The Dragon Kaseraak, Runaway Necromancer, and Dying Cry of the Ursidae.

The Dragon Kaseraak Trilogy generally tells of the efforts of Jana Aliston to find acceptance within the kingdom of Westvalia.


The Flutterbee Trilogy

The Flutterbee Trilogy includes the fourth through sixth books in the series: The Taconite Problem, Return of the Flutterbee, and The Last Embers.

The Flutterbee Trilogy generally tells of the brewing war between humanity and Ancient Dragons, with Jana and Jamie stuck in the middle.