ConnectiCon XV is approaching. I will be at booth 119 in the Artist Alley!

ConnectiCon is, in their words, “New England’s ONLY massively, multi-genre pop culture convention.” It lacks the size of Anime Boston (which is the other convention to which my kids have dragged me), but it has a broader focus and a very large artist alley. (“Artist Alley” is really a misnomer: it’s about a quarter of a huge convention floor.) Last year I got a booth to sell my books, and it went well enough that I am returning this year.

In all likelihood, I will be returning for the next three years if I can. Selling at the booths requires one to get a Connecticut State Tax ID, and those last for five years. I feel like I should take advantage of it as long as I can make an excuse to do so!

The convention is fun anyway, so that’s more of an excuse.

Last year went pretty well, all things considered. I feel like I made three large mistakes: I registered as “Blurb Books, Inc.” because that was the publisher of my books (big mistake), my business cards were unnecessarily convoluted, and I didn’t have a website to point people toward. This year I’ve registered as “The Dragon Kaseraak Books”, I have a bookmark that’s much simpler, and of course I have this site. I am hoping those three changes make things a lot better as an experience.

One of the smaller mistakes I made last year was that my booth was in a poorly trafficked location. This year I didn’t have the opportunity to make that mistake: booths were assigned by the organizers of the event. Still, I think my booth is in a much better location this time. Their idea to put similar vendors together doesn’t seem to have materialized in my case, but there looks to be only one other obvious publisher at all. They’re Owl King Publishing and they’re located on a corner booth in the next aisle. I think they’ll be fun to talk to. There may be one or two other self-publisher booths, and I know there’s at least one “vendor” table that focuses on books as well.

I’ve made a couple other improvements to my booth, but I think these will be relatively minor. I have stands for my books now, so they won’t lie flat on the table. I’ve also refrained on purchasing individual volumes of The Dragon Kaseraak series, with the knowledge that it’s the trilogies that will probably sell.

The big change in content is that I will also have One Regret for sale. I am hoping that because it’s a different series with a different focus, it will be additive to sales of The Dragon Kaseraak series. I think it has a pretty good hook and I’m hoping it will sell well. Of course, I can’t say for certain. I will have a lot of copies of it available.

If you’re going to ConnectiCon, please make sure to stop by Booth 119!