It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I apologize for that. I had intended on providing an update from ConnectiCon after it was finished, but shortly after that I had a vacation with my wife that took up all my time. Then other things got busy and I kept kicking this down the road. Oh well, better late than never.

One of the reasons for my reluctance to provide an update is that ConnectiCon did not go well. My ambitions for conventions are modest: I would like to sell enough books to pay for the cost of the table. I can justify the other costs associated with the convention as part of attending the convention with my children. At ConnectiCon in 2016, I sold enough books to easily meet this goal, and I had hoped for an even better convention this year. It didn’t go that way. I didn’t come close to paying for the table with sales. The only consolation I have is that it apparently was a very slow year for everyone, and hopefully next year will be better. On the strength of memories of 2016, I’ve signed up for a table at ConnectiCon 2018, but if it doesn’t go better than this year, it will likely be my last appearance there.

If you visited my booth at ConnectiCon, thank you! I hope to see you again next year.

As of ConnectiCon, I had two ideas for my next project. The first was a sequel to One Regret. The second was a science fiction story, which I’ve labeled Project 4, about a futuristic utopia in which people spend most of their time playing games.

I haven’t been working on either of those projects. Instead, I decided on something with a less serious tone. One of the comments I got at ConnectiCon was from people who were looking for books similar to the Dragon Kaseraak Series. One Regret is aimed at more mature audiences, so that wouldn’t do. A few days after ConnectiCon, I started work on a different project, one that I labeled “The Continuing Adventures of Jana and Traxy”.

Here’s a little background for this new book. As you may know, I’ve played World of Warcraft for some time, and spent most of my time on role-play servers. My “main” for most of this time was, unsurprisingly, a fire mage named Tatjana. It was through role-playing her that I developed the character of Jana Aliston for the Dragon Kaseraak Series. Other characters in that series were inspired by some of the people I role-played with.

I also spent some time playing another character named Traxy. Traxy was a death knight, and over time she became Azeroth’s funniest pink-haired night elf death knight comedienne. (Part of the joke is that death knights are generally seen as so emotionally serious to the point of caricature, but I will defend to the point of exhaustion how I believe Traxy fit into Warcraft lore. Anyway.) She was a lot of fun to play—I would perform hour-long comedy shows with her. But she didn’t really fit into the Dragon Kaseraak Series universe, so she never showed up there.

She now has a major part in my new book. The setting of the new book is modern day United States, except that magic still exists and the world is populated by not just humans, but also dwarves and elves and orcs. The book is told in the first person perspective, and the narrator is Jana Ashworth, a private investigator with a personality remarkably similar to that of Jana Aliston in the Dragon Kaseraak Series. (Go figure.)

Jana was asked to investigate the disappearance of an elven comedienne. In the process, she stumbles across a plot to use dark magic to summon and bind Ainelyssa, the elven Goddess of Love. She foils an attempt and in the process meets Traxy Ysiel’thar, another elven comedienne who was kidnapped. The two join forces to try to stop their enemy from succeeding in his nefarious plan.

Obviously I’m going to need to work on summarizing the plot.

This new book will be the spiritual successor to the Dragon Kaseraak Series, in that anyone who enjoyed reading about Jana Aliston’s adventures would probably also enjoy reading about Jana Ashworth and Traxy Ysiel’thar’s adventures as well. But this new book is intended as comedy as well—I am hoping that it will read as inspired by both Raymond Chandler and Robert Asprin.

I’ve been furiously hard at work with this new book, tentatively entitled “The Elven Comedienne”. I’ve completed a first draft of about 72,000 words, and am working on a second draft now. It’s been pretty easy to write and I’m excited about it. You will hear more about it in the coming weeks.

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