The Characters of The Dragon Kaseraak Series


The Mage: Jana Aliston

Jana is a mage specializing in fire magic. She was born and raised in the Kingdom of Westvalia. When she was nine, she discovered her affinity for magic and began training with Lady Vissara, a noblewoman who practiced magic in secret.

At the beginning of The Dragon Kaseraak, Jana is on the run for her life. Magic had been banned for several decades, but the Westvalian army's pursuit of her stems from her involvement in the assassination of King Escalis. She is being pursued through the Eastern Lands, which are mostly barren plains dotted with small farming communities.

Jana is an impulsive woman. She is dedicated to the ideals of freedom as taught by her mentor Vissara. She hopes for a land where magic can be practiced freely and where the lives of people are not subject to the whims of a seemingly uncaring and distant King.


The Apprentice: Jamie Wheaton

Jamie is the only daughter of a family living on a small farm near the tiny community of Babbling Brook in the Eastern Lands. At the beginning of The Dragon Kaseraak, Jamie's parents are accused of providing shelter to Jana. The guards kill Jamie's parents while she hides behind the house and under a barrel. Soon afterwards, her entire home is destroyed by Jana's fire magic as she kills the guards who killed Jamie's parents.

When Jana discovers Jamie hiding under the remains of the barrel, she is first inclined to deliver her to a nearby orphanage in the town of Avondale. During the trip, however, Jana discovers that Jamie also has an affinity for magic, and she agrees to take Jamie on as an apprentice.

Jamie is a very creative girl. She loves to draw and talk to animals, and it is in this creativity that lies her greatest potential as a mage. She adventures the land at Jana's side, learning and experiencing things she had never been able to imagine as a poor farm girl.

As the series progresses, Jamie develops into a fine mage.


The Sister: Anna Aliston

Anna Aliston is Jana's younger sister. She followed in her sister's footsteps and became a mage in her own right, but she was much more interested in more intellectual inquiry into magic. She is much more reserved and methodical than her sister, and as a consequence has never had quite the same problems with the kingdom's army.

Anna made her home in a hidden house just north of Avondale, inheriting it from Jana's former mentor. She has discovered that King Tybilt has taken a renewed interest in The Pendant of Solanche, a magical pendant that protects its wearer from all forms of physical harm. Anna advises Jana that it would be a mistake to let that pendant fall into the wrong hands. The pendant was held by the Dragon Kaseraak, and Anna learns that the Kingdom has apparently found where he lives.

Anna loves and admires her sister dearly, even if at times Jana drives her crazy by being too impulsive or reckless.


The Dragon: Kaseraak

Kaseraak is one of perhaps a dozen Ancient Dragons, who are powerful magical creatures who believe themselves overseers of all the land. He is a force to be reckoned with, with powerful claws, fire breath, and a wingspan of about fifty feet. He makes his home in the Ursidae Mountains north of the human settlement of Bracken.

Kaseraak is a wise and methodical dragon, one who has cultivated more personal relationships with humans and especially human mages than the other dragons have. Perhaps that's why Solanche, the most powerful mage of several decades past, decided to test her pendant upon him. As Solanche battled Kaseraak, Kaseraak recognized the power of her pendant and pulled it away from her, rendering the protections of the pendant useless.

Since that time, the location and activities of Kaseraak have been shrouded in secrecy.


The King: Tybilt

Tybilt is the young King of Westvalia. He ascended to the throne after his father was brutally assassinated by Lady Vissara with the help of Jana. At that time, he ordered a strict enforcement of the ban on magic and set his kingdom's resources to finding, imprisoning, and executing mages that were the enemies to his kingdom.

Tybilt is a brilliant planner and tactician. The entire continent has united under the Kingdom of Westvalia under his rule, leaving mages like Jana with no place to hide. He runs his kingdom efficiently but also autocratically; he is not afraid to order entire villages of people to move to new locations for the purpose of gathering resources necessary for the kingdom to function.

Tybilt first met Jana long ago, when he was nineteen and she was sixteen, while his father still lived. The exact nature of the relationship between Tybilt and Jana remains a mystery to all but those two.


The Necromancer: Sycosina Soulbane

Sycosina Soulbane is an enigma. She is easily the most powerful individual creature on the entire continent, were she able and willing to harness her powers directly. Despite her harrowing visage, however, she is content to keep to herself for the most part.

Sycosina was born Sylvia Cosette Ingham over a century and a half before the beginning of The Dragon Kaseraak. She lived in the small community of Wickerton in the plains southwest of Westvalia. She was a very pretty girl, and had caught the eye of two boys in the town. The two learned of each other and conspired to teach her a lesson about the necessity of committing to one boy. They struck her with shovels and then buried her alive.

Sylvia did not perish from her burial. Mysterious spirit energy infused her body, telling her that she would have her vengeance. That night, she did have her vengeance. She crawled out of her makeshift grave and then used her new-found necromantic powers to kill every single person in the village of Wickerton. She had become the Scourge of Wickerton, and the town itself remained barren ever since.

Sycosina became friends with Jana after helping Jana fight guards that had been chasing her. That was several years ago. While the two are friends, there is only so much one can trust a necromancer.