The Characters of The Elven Comedienne


Jana Ashworth is a private investigator and fully trained sorceress living in Boston, Massachusetts. She has spent most of her life in the human-dominated lands of the northeast United States. Her work typically consists of documenting the various misdeeds of the husbands of wealthy women. It's a relatively easy and profitable practice.

She's asked by an acquaintance to investigate the disappearance of Ellyonia, an elven comedienne from Los Angeles. Initially, she is disinclined to do so; if the Boston Police can't be bothered enough to look for a missing elf, why should she? She changes her mind when a group of three men kidnap a second elven comedienne in the comedy club she frequents. At that point, it's a matter of pride for her. Nobody does that in her club.

The investigation leads her to a battle in a warehouse in south Boston. She defeats two of the men, but the third runs away. She finds the second comedienne, Traxy Ysiel'thar, bound and quite dead in the middle of a set of mysterious runes. She thereafter finds that in this world, dead does not necessarily foreclose a person from violent movement.

Jana Ashworth


Traxy Ysiel'thar is an elven comedienne from Yosemite, California. She has traveled to Boston, looking for success on the cold comedy circuit. Unfortunately her comedy, so popular in her hometown, does not easily translate to the humor expected by the humans in Boston. 

After her set one night, she is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse in south Boston. She becomes the subject of a dark ritual designed to summon, bind, and enslave the Elven Goddess of Love. Because of a typographical error, instead it is the Elven Goddess of Tricks and Games that is summoned and bound within her form. Jana rescues Traxy before the Goddess can be enslaved.

Traxy and Jana join forces to investigate the group that kidnapped Traxy. The failed ritual has given Traxy new powers and new desires that may be of use in this investigation, or may derail it completely. Either way, she seeks answers for why she was kidnapped and who she has become.

Traxy Ysiel'thar


Jared Willington III is the mastermind behind the plot to enslave the Elven Goddess of Love. His plan to use Traxy as the host for the Goddess was foiled by both his typographical clumsiness and Jana's interruption. He won't make the same mistake twice. He returns to the club for a third time to tempt Jana into a confrontation the next night.

Jared uses dark magic with some degree of skill. Will he prove to be too much for Jana and Traxy?

Jared Willington III


After Traxy, Jared went looking for a new host for the Elven Goddess of Love. He found Minelle, a lounge singer from Las Vegas working on a dinner cruise in Boston. She fits the role perfectly; she is elegant and beautiful. Will Jana and Traxy be able to rescue her before she falls into Jared's clutches?