One Regret

One Regret is a modern science fiction story set in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. It tells the story of a partnership between two doctors and a computer expert.

Inside the brains of every human is a clump of cells called the Temporal Cortex. These cells are unique in that they can be said to travel backwards in time. The Temporal Cortex is the portion of the brain responsible for premonitions, because it effectively reverses causality and allows a short message to travel backwards in time.

Holly Desmarais is a brilliant researcher who discovered the Temporal Cortex and its function within the human brain. With the cooperation of the brilliant surgeon Sam Kersey, she has developed a way to extract the temporal cortex from a person's brain and imprint a short message to be delivered at an arbitrary time in the past.

Holly and Sam, with the help of computer expert Tiana Sinkovic, have founded One Regret: a medical organization that allows its patients to send a short message back in time, allowing them to alter their past and correct the one decision they most regret.

One Regret is intended for mature audiences.